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Once when I picked up a book from the local library, the librarian asked to tell her what I thought about the book when I would bring it back. Well, why not write a few lines about all the books I read so everybody could see what I thought about it? I'm often also happy to have friends recommend a certain book or tell me this and that is not really worth reading. I won't comment about the tons of books I have read so far, but about books I read from now on.

1-star recommended not to read it empfehlung das buch nicht zu lesen
2-star not too interesting nicht allzu interessant
3-star average durchschnittlich
4-star good reading gutes lesematerial
5-star highly recommended sehr empfohlen

Overview of all Books

titleNanjing 1937
authorYe Zhaoyan

An unusual love story around the spoilt university professor Ding Wenyu who completely falls for Yuyuan when he sees her at her wedding party.

The love story as such would make for quite a good reading. However, the book is completely overloaded with historical and political details of the time. Sometimes it reads like a "Who's Who" of chinese politics in 1937. Whereas in chinese culture it might be rather important to know who is friends which who, for the western reader it has the effect of partially drowning the love story.

titleThe Bonesetter's Daughter
authorAmy Tan

Ruth, her American father dying very early, has been brought up in America by her Chinese mother LuLing. Life with mother has not always been easy. It is only when LuLing is old, that Ruth learns about the past of her mother, just as LuLing herself did not know the truth about her own mother until after it was too late.

A well told dual-cultural story.

titleDeception Point
authorDan Brown

Campaigning for office is at its height. Rachel Sexton of the National Reconnaissance Office and daughter of his opponent, is ordered by the current President of the United States to check out and confirm the world changing finding NASA has just made. Only hours later Rachel finds herself on an arctic glacier.

By chance the civilian scientists stumble upon some minor issue which not only puzzles them but also puts a team of highly skilled killers on their heels.

A fast paced, well told political thriller. Dan Brown understands his craft exceptionally well by building up the readers urge to go on reading.

titleHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
authorJ.K. Rowling

This is the sixth volume of the Harry Potter series, a story about a boy-wizard chosen to fight the evil and highly skilled dark wizard Voldemort.

Don't attempt to read this without having read the previous volumes; quite a lot of knowledge from the other books is presumed. This sixth book in the series sports less action and surprises than the previous ones. While I still consider it an enjoyable read and can recommend it, I also got the feeling that this volume was somehow fabricated and constructed. In my opinion, the previous five books of this series were better.

titleThe Only Woman in the Room
authorBeate Sirota Gordon

The autobiography of Beate Sirota Gordon, the daughter of the famous pianist Leo Sirota. Beate has been brought up mainly in Austria and Japan. During war she was studying in America and thanks to her excellent language skills was hired to translate foreign radio broadcasts monitored by the US. At the end of the war she returned to Japan in search for her parents and worked for the US army where she happened to draft part of the Japanese constitution.

While this is not a literary high standing work, it is nice reading and well worthwhile if you are interested in Japan, especially the early 20th century, or in Leo Sirota.

Leitfaden zu Design und Implementierung von Kernel 2.6
authorRobert Love

Ein Buch, das nicht vornehmlich für den C-Programier-Guru geschrieben ist, sondern auch von "Normalsterblichen" verstanden werden kann.

Es wird Einblick gewährt, wie im Linux Kernel programmiert werden soll, Stolpersteine aufgezeigt und Tipps gegeben. Die wichtigsten Bereiche des Kernels, seiner Aufgaben und verwendete Konzepte werden in verständlicher Sprache erklärt. Die Zahl der C-Beispiele hält sich in Grenzen, so dass man nicht unbedingt C Programmierer sein muss, um von diesem Buch profitieren zu können.

Dieses Buch ist eine Deutsche Uebersetzung des Englischen Originals. Die Sprache der Linux Kernelentwicklung und der Programmierung ganz allgemein ist zwar Englisch, aber die sehr vielen Englischen Ausdrücke (teilweise mit Uebersetzungen in Klammern) stören doch merklich. Meine Bücherrei hatte nur die Deutsche Ausgabe an Lager und ich bereue, mich damit zufrieden gegeben zu haben, statt das Englische Original zu bestellen. Auch bezüglich Tipp- und anderer Fehler könnte noch einiges verbessert werden. Zum Beispiel sind in meiner Auflage in einem ganzen Kapitel sämtliche Tabellenunterschriften falsch.

Als Vorbereitung auf einen Linux Performance Tuning Kurs wollte ich etwas mehr über den Kernel lernen und habe dieses Buch gelesen. Die darin enthaltenen Ausführungen und Erklärungen waren zwar verständlich, ich bin mir aber nicht sicher, wieviel sie mir für den bevorstehenden Kurs wirklich helfen werden.

titlePerfect Harmony
authorBarbara Wood

Charlotte, the American-Chinese young woman has inherited Harmony Biotech, the successful company her grandmother has built selling Chinese herbal remedies. Not long after she is in charge of the company, somebody tries to destroy it. Who is it? Why?

An extremely well written thriller, right from the first to the very last page. The way Barbara Wood succeeds to tell both, the story of Charlotte and her struggle, as well as the story of her grandmother in one book, side by side, without the two stories getting into the way of each other, is simply fantastic.

Definitely a book which is hard to put away once you started reading.

Overview of all Books

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