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Once when I picked up a book from the local library, the librarian asked to tell her what I thought about the book when I would bring it back. Well, why not write a few lines about all the books I read so everybody could see what I thought about it? I'm often also happy to have friends recommend a certain book or tell me this and that is not really worth reading. I won't comment about the tons of books I have read so far, but about books I read from now on.

1-star recommended not to read it empfehlung das buch nicht zu lesen
2-star not too interesting nicht allzu interessant
3-star average durchschnittlich
4-star good reading gutes lesematerial
5-star highly recommended sehr empfohlen

Overview of all Books

Overview of all Books

authorKristin Cashore

Bitterblue is the third book in the Graceling Realm series and builds on the first (Graceling) and second (Fire) one. It is possible to follow the story without having read the previous books, but having read the other two will make it much easier to understand a lot of things, such as who Katsa is, what gracelings are, who Lech was and how he became what he was, etc.

Bitterblue is the young queen of the kingdom Monsea, daughter of Ashen and Leck, both deceased. Her kingdom is not in the best of states, due to her fathers' reign. However, she does not really know the poor state of her empire because her main advisors, which all have served under king Lech, keep her too busy to find out and shield her from the truth. Until, frustrated, Bitterblue decides to venture into the city by herself at night. Eventually she realizes that she's being much lied to and her people still suffer a lot from the terrible time under king Lech. She truly wants to improve things, be a good queen to her people, give them hope for the future, but that is not a simple task when you don't know who of your staff you can trust.

The whole book is about Bitterblue and her struggle to become a worthy queen and be fair and good to her people. Even though it is a good book, reading it feels a little bit like you are locked in the castle and now allowed to go outside, take much part in what Po or Katsa are doing. But then, that's exactly the way Bitterblue herself feels.

titleThe Iron Daughter
authorJulie Kagawa

This is book 2 of the Iron Fey series. If you have not read the first one, I do recommend to read The Iron King first, as there are lots of situations and things happening which are based on what went on in the first book.

Meghan Chase has come to the Winter Court willingly, but she does not really want to stay there; the winter queen does not really believe here story of the iron fey, Rowan, Ash's brother, is mocking her, Ash himself is ignoring her, etc.

Somehow, even though Machina is dead, the iron fey are still out there and they do find a way to infiltrate the courts and cause winter and summer to go to war against each other. Meghan is caught in the middle of all this and it is up to her and the very few fey who believe her more or less, to stop this war and the big betrayal behind it.

As already the first book: an interesting story told from the view of Meghan, well written and entertaining. This is a worthy continuation of the first book in the series, about as good as the first one.

Overview of all Books

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